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A sample of my work


Client: In 2021, DAVIDsTEA launched a tea subscription service with the goal of expanding their core clientele.

The customer would receive this welcome email upon signing up for the lead magnet (20% off) on the website.

Challenge: The target audience are long-term DAVIDsTEA customers who regularly purchase their favourites but aren't keen on experimenting. Furthermore, the target audience is resistant to sorting through over 100 teas as it both daunting and time consuming. 

Solution: The headline immediately engages desire and begins the process of dismantling potential objections by referencing the ease and fun of the subscription box. This is followed by the subhead that stresses on the convenience of the product with a call to action above the fold. 

The body further builds desire and primes the customer to take action through strategic copy that focuses on the benefits of the product while overcoming potential objections. 

DAVIDsTEA Welcome Email


Client: ÉTINCELLE is a new skincare brand looking to increase sales and build up their core clientele. Their brand mission is to take the stress out of getting clear skin. 

Challenge: The beauty/skincare industry is deeply saturated. The chief concern is to bring out the brand’s unique selling point to immediately engage their target audience. 

Therefore, a welcome email that stands out and drives action is crucial.

Solution: The headline immediately creates desire by connecting the brand to the customer’s goal/desire. The subhead generates urgency by emphasizing the time limit of the lead magnet. Furthermore, the CTA is above the fold for better visibility. 

The body supports the headline by further expanding on the benefit while introducing the signature product on the first page and continuing with mini introductions of the rest of the core product line.

ÉTINCELLE Welcome Email

Client: They're a brand new wellness brand eager to grow their clientele and build customer loyalty. 

Challenge: They had lots of visitors to the website but hardly any sales. They worked hard to build their social media presence but couldn't translate that over to returning customers.

They needed to convert customers' initial excitement into tangible results.

Solution: To build an emotional connection with their target audience, we used personal and relatable anecdotes to draw the reader in and keep them engaged.

Next, we bridged the audience's needs (find more peace in their day, be more present in their lives with their kids, career, relationship, etc) with the product to build desire.

Then, we push past objections by offering a time sensitive offer that encourages them to take action now.

Wellness Brand Email Funnel

"Adeola helped me to feel more confident with cold emailing brands and reaching out to companies by helping me craft a great pitch that [increased] both brand deals and meetings." - Milan S.

"I saw 2x increase in brand deals and meetings with the custom email series Adeola created for me!"

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