Savvy email marketing for coaches and online entrepreneurs ready to unlock their earning potential and build a community of buyers.

Make your emails hustle as much as you do.   

If you're struggling to make this whole online business thing work (we've all been there!) and want the freedom that comes with creating sustainable passive income, then you NEED strategic email marketing. 

 No matter the current state of your email list (hey, no judgement here!), I can transform it into passionate buyers ready and excited to purchase -- again and again! 

It's no secret that the key to making money online is a healthy and engaged email list.

"How on earth is everyone else making money online?!"

You want 6-figure months without the all-nighters, zero social life and burnout (caffeine can only do so much)?

EMAIL HUSTLE is perfect if you don't yet have an email list or have one that's underperforming.

I'll create an email strategy customized to you, your business and your customers so you can convert with confidence.

Make that inbox go

email goals!

Nothing grows an email list quite like a juicy lead magnet.

If you're struggling to grow your list then your lead magnet might not be doing it's job. Don't panic, I got you ;)

I'll completely redesign AND rewrite your lead magnet so you immediately attract your dream customers!

List building lead magnets? Yes, please!

Straight up. The competition is toooough.

What's going to make your dream customer stop and say "Yup, that's the one for me" about you and your business? 

The Stand Out in Your Niche workbook gives you 7 proven tips, tricks and tools to find your unique voice and make more money.

Want to stand out in a crowded niche?



I'm all about demystifying email marketing and making your emails hustle for you and your business. 

I'm passionate because I know the power that a solid email strategy can have on your business and I want that for you, friend!

 So whether it's a welcome funnel, launch sequence or cold emailing, I'm here to help you sell more through authentic email copywriting that sounds like you. 

email strategist obsessed with helping businesses make bank with their inboxes

I'm Adeola — I write emails that (actually) sell.

hey, there!

— Rosemary M.

"The email series Adeola wrote was perfect! She understood me and got my voice 100%.

Level up your copywriting game and turn those emails into more money in your pocket.

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